5 Reasons To Visit Magical Bled In Slovenia! 🇸🇮
Bled is the only island in the tiny country, and the most well known folk tale claims it’s created by fairies! Pretty sure that’s accurate. 😍
It’s lush greenery hides interesting island buildings such as the bell tower, Chaplain’s house, Provost’s house, small hermitage & other legends!
However, the most recognisable symbol of the lake is the Church of the Assumption with its long and diverse history. Regular boat trips are available!
It’s pristine waters spread far and wide, and visitors can cover the entire length of the island in a circular walk...
...With many interesting and beautiful photo opportunities along the way!
No trip to Bled is complete without its traditional cream cake - with a piercing crispy crust and four different layers. Dig all the way in!
I highly recommend staying overnight in Bled for breathtaking sunrises, magical sunsets and and incredible starry skies. ✨
Every view point offers these heavenly views, so make sure to put Bled and Slovenia right on top of your bucket list! 😍
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