18 Recipes for the Hottest 2020 Food Trends
2020 was a crazy year full of new food trends! Dalgona coffee, banana bread and cereal made of mini pancakes/cookies were among the best food trends.
Dalgona coffee exploded on social media in January, but there’s still time to try it!
To ease into the trend, try the classic Dalgona coffee recipe.
Want to try the trend but don’t want to stray from your Keto diet? Don’t worry! This Keto Dalgona Coffee recipe is for you.
There’s different types of Dalgona coffee! This is the perfect recipe for the matcha lover.
Baking banana bread was all the rage in March.
This the perfect recipe to get started baking banana bread. It’s a classic recipe and only requires 6 ingredients!
Dairy free? No worries! This is the recipe for the best Dairy Free Banana Bread.
Make your banana bread with a delicious twist! Try making this Banana Carrot Bread.
This year, everyone enjoyed seeing all the adorable cereals made of mini pancakes and cookies!
Try using this recipe for classic Cereal Pancakes.
Everyone loves snickerdoodles! Try making this Keto Mini Snickerdoodle Cookie Cereal.
Pancakes and cinnamon are always a delicious combo! Now try making dozens of them with this recipe for Cinnamon Mini Pancake Cereal.
Homemade Ice Cream grew in popularity during 2020!
People were making all kinds of unique blends such as this Pineapple Ice Cream.
The beauty of homemade is having control over all ingredients and toppings! Try making this Raspberry Ice Cream and topping it with pistachios.
You can’t go wrong with a traditional flavor! Try making this Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream.
Baking sourdough bread took the US by storm in March as well.
Try following this easy Sourdough Bread recipe to try it yourself!
Want to try baking sourdough but can’t have gluten? Then this Gluten-Free version is for you!
Staying on top of the trends has never been easier than with this recipe! This Sourdough Banana Bread recipe combines two huge food trends in 2020.
In November, hot chocolate bombs went viral online.
To ease your way into the trend, try making these shiny & classic hot chocolate bombs!
Hot chocolate bombs are the perfect winter trend! Try making these Hot Chocolate Bombs for a rich chocolate flavor.
These Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs are a fun take on the rend! This recipe is a perfect treat for the holidays.
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