Restorative Yoga for better sleep
Get your props! A blanket, bolster, 2 blocks and your chair
Seat on a blanket and enjoy your butterfly forward fold. Stay between 2-5 minutes.
Separate the knees to take the space your body needs, and use your bolster and blocks for your supported child's pose! Stay between 2-5 minutes
Build a ramp with your blocks and bolster and rest in a gentle heart opener! Stay here between 6-10 minutes.
Elevate your feet and legs using the seat of a chair. Make yourself comfortable using your props and stay between 6-10 minutes!
Seal the benefits of your practice in your Savasana! Use a bolster under the knees, a blanket for your head and rest. Stay for 10-20 minutes.
Now you are ready to enjoy a good night sleep!
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