Reupholster a Thrifted Chair
The “before” nothing too special Thrifted Chair
Start by flipping your chair over and using a cordless drill, remove all screws attaching the seat to the chair frame.
Using a screwdriver and possibly a hammer, remove all staples and upholstery nails and toss the old chair cover fabric.
If your wood is damaged and rough, use a sanding block to get down to the raw wood. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
In a well ventilated area, begin adding light layers of spray paint. Allow to dry in between coats until you have a nice even coverage.
Next cut your fabric 3-4” bigger than your seat and using a staple gun, begin to wrap your cushion. Fold the corners like you’d wrap a present.
Flip your completed chair back over and reattach the seat and frame with your original screws.
Enjoy the new life your chair brings to the space!
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