Roller Skate Bearing Cleaning
Remove the axle nuts by using your skate tool
Remove the bearings by using a tool or the axle of your skate
Remove the caps from the bearings with something tiny like a needle. Stick it under the cap on the inside of the bearing and scoop it out
After you removed all the caps, place your bearings in acetone and let it soak for a while
Clean the caps with a paper towel. You can use soap or water, as long as you make sure you dry them completely
Take your bearings out of the acetone and let your bearings dry completely
If necessary, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the bearings and/or give them a second acetone bath
Put bearing oil on 2 or 3 places in the bearing and give it a good spin to distribute the oil
Put the caps back on the bearings. The plastic holder in (as you can see under the second cap) should always be on the outside of the wheels!
Push your bearings in your wheels (Make sure the plastic holder is on the outside to prevent dirt getting in the bearings)
Put your wheels back on, and voila!
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