Roller Skate Beginner: Plow Stops Stop In 3 Steps
One of the first things I wanted to learn on roller skates was How To Stop, so I'd be able to go street skating.
The plough stop is my favorite way to stop if I don't have too much speed, and I think it's the easiest way. And you can use it to slow down too.
First practice your bubbles (I have a whole video about these if you want more info)
Posture: bend your knees, butt down, straighten your spine, eyes at the horizon
1. Toes out and push from the heels 2. Toes in and pull your legs together
Practice your outside edges. Outside edges are on the outside of your feet. Try put your weight on the outside of your feet.
Plow stop. Instead of repeating the bubble pattern, put all your weight on your outside edges at the end of your bubble.
Push mostly on your outside BACK edge. Those are your outside back wheels, so the outside of your heels.
And BEND YOUR KNEES! It helpt keeping your balance and it helps you to push on those outside edges.
Try it at different speeds. And really push on those outside edges!
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