Roller Skate Strut Walk: Do's And Don'ts
The static strut is a roller skate move where you walk in place
Posture: butt down, straigt spine, chin up
Do: break down the move in smaller parts
Start with doing a crossover (remember to turn your heel in a little bit) and stepping out
Slowly try to get rid of the stepping out
Don't: try to go fast immediately!
Focus on controlling the movement instead
Do: Hold onto something until you feel safe and sure. Feel free to experiment with the placement of your weigt.
Don't: put your weight in your toes/push with your front wheels too much. That will make you go backwards.
Do: use your outside edges (place the weight on the outside wheels of your skates)
Don't: get mad at yourself if it doesn't work out immediately! Skating takes practice, so just keep trying!
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