Roller Skates Balance Exercises
grab your skates and let's start some exercises for balance!
Use a wall for balance and practice lifting one leg up in front of you
Now try it with lifting the leg behind and using the wall for support. Lean forwards and bend the knee to help with the balance!
Next, try the same but now slowly let go of the wall and balance for at least 3 seconds
Remember to do the non dominant side!
Now, try doing it without a wall assist starting from the leg in front and moving it slowly to the back. Remember to do both side!
Next, try moving slowly forwards and lifting up one foot slightly off the ground. Keep the arms out and body upright not slouched!
Now try gliding and picking up the foot for longer to hold that edge with a good balance. Keep the free leg behind slightly
Remember to use your arms out for more balance and take it slow!
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