Romero Britto-Inspired Puppy 🐶
Romero Britto is a Brazilian 🇧🇷 artist who combines elements of Cubism, Pop Art & graffiti painting in his work.
Britto uses vibrant colors & bold patterns as a way to show hope, dreams & happiness in his art.
Watch a preview of today’s drawing project!
What you'll need
Color Markers
Black Marker 🖊
Drawing Paper
Here are a bunch of “Britto” style patterns for you to practice!
To begin your puppy, draw a curving line near the top of your paper followed by a longer curved line below it.
Connect the first two lines with 2 more curving diagonal lines.
Draw in 2 circles for your puppy eyes and a “V” for the nose.
Finish the puppy dog ears with two more lines on each side.
Draw a straight line down from tip of the nose to start your puppy dog muzzle & finish it with a large curved “W” line.
Stretch out the middle line for the dog tongue & the beginning of the front legs.
Draw 2 more curving “W” lines, at the bottom, for the front paws of your puppy legs.
Finish drawing your puppy’s body with 2 back legs & paws.
Before the next step, draw 8-10 different diagonal lines to break up the background space.
Here are some pattern examples from Britto’s artwork.
Remember these patterns?
Once you’re done drawing your puppy 🐶, fill in all the different spaces with as many patterns as you can!
Don’t forget to add patterns to your puppy too! Remember to use repeating shapes & lines.
Finish by adding as many bright & vibrant colors as you can! 🖍🖊🖌🎨
We hope you enjoyed creating this Britto-inspired drawing today! -Ms. R & Ms. T ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
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