Santa Cruz Island - Channel Islands National Park
Channel Islands National Park is made up of 5 unique islands, and Santa Cruz is the largest & one of the most easily accessible.
Island Packers offers one hour boat rides from Oxnard & Ventura harbors to this National Park for day trips or overnight adventures.
Channel Islands National Park is only accessible by boat or plane...and that’s definitely part of the fun!
25,000 common dolphins splash in the waters here. You can also expect to see blue, gray & humpback whales along with a vast array of sea life.
Santa Cruz Island is known for having over 100 sea caves. Painted Cave, located on the northwest side of the island is the largest and most famous.
Painted Cave is one of the longest sea caves in North America, plunging over 1/4 mile into the island. You can even boat and kayak inside.
Consider enjoying a sunny afternoon picnic along the vibrant shoreline, highlighted by seashells and beach rocks.
This island is home to over 1,000 different species of plants and animals – 12 of which are found no where else on earth!
The Island Fox is only found at the Channel Islands. You stand a good chance of seeing them along the hiking trails in the Spring.
There are 15 hiking trails covering the island, ranging from the easy 1/2 mile Prisoners Harbor walk to the strenuous 18 mile China Pines hike.
You’ll love this primitive island, but bring everything you need with you. There are no stores, lodging or restaurants...just wonderful views.
Thanks for joining me at Santa Cruz Island. For more of my favorite California spots see my other Jumpropes and visit my blog at
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