Self Care For Acne Prone Skin
What you'll need
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Almond And Neem
Cleansing Oil
A Wash Cloth
Orange peel powder and rice
Face Scrub
Matcha tea, tea tree and Kaolin
Kaolin Clay Mask
Vitamin E Oil
Facial Steamer
Face oil
Gently massage with a diy cleansing oil made of almond oil and neem oil (super effective)
Wipe the oil gently with a warm and moist washcloth
Use a very mild exfoliant. I am using my homemade orange peel , rice powder and rose water scrub
Wipe it all of with some warm water
Steam now! Especially on the cystic acne to help bring it to the surface so treatments can work
Make a face mask with kaolin clay , tea tree and sandalwood EO,matcha tea and chamomile water
Apply your mask while you are steaming you face .Again for maximum botanical benefit
Apply some vitamin e oil to your lips as a lip mask. The steam will help soften your lips as well
After your mask is completely dry remove it with warm water
Mist your face with floral water to re-introduce moisture to your skin . I am using rose water
Once dry, apply a serum. I’m using my diy serum with Aloevera, Neem, Rosehip and Tamanu oil
2 hours after the facial. The inflammation is already going down and it hurts much leasser!
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