Self Portrait in the “Cubist” Style of Pablo Picasso!
A “portrait” is a picture of a person. Here is portrait of Pablo Picasso. He was a Spanish painter, alive between 1881-1973.
Here is Pablo Picasso’s “Self Portrait”... a painting he painted of himself when he was younger.
Pablo Picasso was an “abstract” artist. Abstract means “not realistic.” Your portrait will NOT look realistic!
Pablo Picasso created the “Cubism” style of art. He showed both the front and side of the face.
Do you see both the front of the face and the side of the face?
What you'll need
1) 1 Sheet Of White Paper
1 Sharpie Pen
Markers Or Crayons
With a light pencil, draw your head and shoulders.
Draw the SIDE of your head either in the middle of your head circle or on the side.
Draw a frontal view of yourself in half the head circle on one side-eyes, nose, mouth, etc...
Draw a side view of yourself on the other side, side view of your eye, mouth, etc...
Add your facial feature details like ears, eyebrows, lashes, hair, etc...
Sharpie over your pencil marks and erase the pencil.
Add color, lines, shapes, patterns to your Self Portrait.
Done! Congrats on your Abstract, Cubist, Pablo Picasso-style Self Portrait!
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