Setting Up A Simple Clay “Studio“
Choose a space where you can create and be comfortable. Use a placemat that you can get dirty...
Your placemat can be a plastic cutting board, a few layers of newspapers, or an old pillowcase.
Gather some tools. Pottery tools are great, but you can also use what you might have already!
Suggestions are: pencil, ballpoint pen, paperclips, skewers, paring knife, fork, cup, ruler.
To roll out slabs: use a wood rolling pin, a dowel, or make a tool from what you have...
A bottle, can,or jar would work as a tool to roll a slab. If the clay sticks, cover with a cloth.
For clean up: roll up the top layer of newspaper & use a wet shammy to clean table, tools & hands.
Store the clay and projects in an airtight container. Clay can be used over & over when it’s moist.
These tricks work for me! Try them yourself, make improvements, be creative & make it work for you!
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