Prep all your pieces: I used the wine bag (to make sure to have enough space for it in the end) and traced the shape of a stocking around it.
Cut out the stocking (my fabric is doubled here—you need two pieces in this shape)
Use the scrap to cut a long rectangle strip that you can use as the loop.
Cut rectangles that will be your stocking cuff. I’m using fleece here.
Use the cardboard circle from the box as a stencil for the hole on your stocking. Draw that circle more near the heel of the stocking than the toe.
Cut the circle out of your stocking.
Trace your cardboard circle again and then draw a circle that is .5-1 inch bigger. Cut out a small circle in the center and small cuts to the line.
Prep your loop by folding the ends of your fabric in and adding a simple seam.
Prep your stocking spout: Stack your circle on the stocking with the hole. Add one pin to just keep it in place.
Working around the circle, fold the inside under your stocking and the outside under itself and pin it. (This is to create a finished seam.)
Sew an inner seam and an outer seam on this circle to secure everything. Then remove all of your pins and trim any loose threads.
Prep your cuffs: Add a basic seam to your fleece.
Pin your fleece in place. We’re adding a seam and inverting it; so be sure that the inside of the stocking is facing out when you pin it.
Sew a basic seam at the top of both your stockings and remove those pins.
Prep the whole stocking: reverse the cuff you just sewed and line up all your edges. Remember to keep everything inside out for this. Add pins.
Add your loop to the top of the heel side, between the fleece and red fabric so the unfinished ends be won’t be visible. Pin it in place.
Add your seam around the entire stocking. I used an overcasting stitch to make sure it would be strong.
Remove all your pins and trim extra fabric away. Be careful to not cut your loop. Turn the stocking right side out.
Add some stuffing to the toe—this is just to give it some shape.
Hang and fill!!
What you'll need
Sewing Machine
Box Of Wine
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