Cut ends off 2 heads of baby bok choy. Cut in two to separate stems from leaves.
Cut bok choy stems into 1/4” slices. Coarsely chop leaves using nylon knife.
Thinly slice white portion of 2 greens onions; slice the greens on a diagonal.
Heat 1t EVOO in Rockcrok. Add white portions of green onions & 1/2c Arborio rice. Cook 1-2 mins, stirring occasionally.
Add 4t broth concentrate & 1c boiling water. Cook, stirring often, until water is nearly absorbed.
Add 1/2c boiling water & continue cooking 18-20 mins, stirring often. Continue adding 1/2c boiling water as water is absorbed, until risotto is done.
Dry 8oz shrimp.
Heat 1t EVOO in skillet. Add shrimp, cooking 2-3 mins per side.
The small Chef’s Tongs are a great tool for turning the shrimp.
Shrimp is cooked when it reaches 145°. Remove shrimp from skillet & set aside.
Add 5.6oz coconut milk to rice. Bring to a boil, & cook until thickened, stirring constantly.
Add 1t EVOO to skillet with bok choy stems. Cook 2-3 mins.
Stir in green portions of green onions (reserving a few pieces for garnish) in risotto. Season with salt. Cover & remove from heat.
Add bok choy leaves to skillet & cook 1-2 mins.
Add shrimp back to skillet, along with 2oz sweet & spicy Thai chili sauce. Season with salt. Mix together.
To serve, spoon risotto into bowl.
Add shrimp mixture.
Top with toasted coconut & green onions.
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