3 Signs You Need To Repot A Plant And How To Do it.
The most obvious sign you need to repot a plant will be that roots are growing out of the drainage hole.
Another sign is the plant is still producing leaves, but newer leaves are growing smaller than older leaves.
A third sign you need to repot is when you water a plant and the water drains out very quickly without soaking the soil.
This could be hydrophobic soil but also because roots have taken up so much space there isn't much soil left in the pot. The soil is dry underneath.
To repot, only choose a pot that is a few inches bigger in diameter. If you go too big, the soil will stay too wet under the roots and create root rot
Fill 1/4 of the new pot with soil before you add your plant in.
Gently remove your plant from it's pot. Keep the root ball intact as much as possible but loosen the old soil around the top a little bit.
Lightly add in soil. Don't pack it down around the plant because it will make it harder for water to permeate the soil.
Don't forget to water your plant to moisten the soil so roots will grow into the new medium!
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