Signs Your Plant Has Root Rot (and How To Fix It!)
The first sign your plant may have root rot is yellowing and drying leaves
You may also notice white fungus or mold start to grow on the surface of the soil
With your shovel, remove the top layer of fungus growth from the soil
Remove the plant from the pot
Take a look at the roots. If they are mushy, soft, and gray or brown your plant is suffering from root rot
Remove the rotten roots from the plant. These should be easy to pull away
Loosen the soil and continue to remove any rotten roots and parts of the plant. These will all be soft and fall away easily
If needed, use a bucket of water to help remove some of the soil
Continue to remove any rotten roots from the plant
Repot your plant in dry, fresh soil
Add a little water to acclimate the plant to the new soil
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