Simple And Crispy Whole Roasted Chicken
There’s something so classic about a crispy, tender, mouthwatering, roasted chicken. Let me show you how to cook one perfectly, every time.
About 1 hour before cooking, take your chicken out of the fridge, pat it dry, and pull skin up to make room for spice rub.
Crush chopped sage in a mortar and pestle, or mince thoroughly if you do not have a mortar and pestle.
Add fresh thyme and crush some more.
Add flaky sea salt...
...and crushed black pepper to your herbs.
Grind everything up thoroughly.
Season the chicken on all sides with your herb rub, making sure you get up under the skin and inside the cavity. Then, let chicken rest for a bit.
Place chicken in greased cast iron or glass pan.
Slice a head of garlic in half, and nestle each half underneath chicken.
Pour butter over the top. Then roast the chicken for about 45 minutes.
Carve and serve alongside any desired side dishes, or use in soups, pot pies, etc. So easy, and so much better than the store-bought kind!
See the full recipe at or click the link below. ⬇️
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