Simple DIY Desk With Hairpin Legs
Let’s make a desk. It takes 2 hours.
What you'll need
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Plywood (Sanded on 1 Side)
Hairpin Legs
Wood Glue
Oil And Wax Finish
Cut 2 pieces of plywood the same size. Cut the long edge with a circular saw.
For the shorter cross cut, I cut by eye with a line. If you’re a beginner, use the straight edge.
Spread wood glue evenly on the rough side of then plywood. Place the 2nd layer with spring clamps.
If you want to move fast, add 1-1/4 finish screws to the bottom of the desk. Don’t overdrive!
Sand edges w/ 80 grit sandpaper, 160 grit to round the corners, and 220 grit by hand on the edges.
Flip the top over. Use rags to avoid scarring the sanded top.
Hairpin legs come in 1-inch increments so you can make a desk any height.
Set the legs in 1.5 inches from the edge and screw through the holes in the steel plate to attach.
Wipe down the legs and apply some paste wax.
Apply oil and wax finish. Lay on a thick coat. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rub out the excess.
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