Simple Glam (Full Face Tutorial)
Do your foundation and concealer as usual.
Suck in your cheeks and contour along the cheekbone, where you visibly see it go in. Don't go past where your pupil is when looking forward.
Then lightly bronze slightly above the contour. I also scoop under my cheeks to help them pop.
Apply bronzer in your crease. This really just helps tie everything together.
With the same brush just run it down the side of your nose for a light contour. Blend into your eyebrows.
With black eyeshadow, create a very small wing & line the rest of the eye. Your not supposed to pull on your skin/eye but sometimes I find it helpful!
Take an orangey brown shade to add color to the outer corner. Bring along the crease a little as well to blend that shade into the bronzer.
Mix a gold shimmer and a champagne shimmer place all over the rest of your eye.
Pop the inner corner with a white simmer. Then take your black shadow and create a small flick. This really elongates the eye.
I'm mixing a bunch of blush shades. A more purple up my cheekbones and forehead. Then a pink one on the apples for a more youthful glow.
Ardell Demi Whispies are my favs lashes to just add a little oomf to your look!
Mixing a purple lipstick and a nude lip to create a perfect color. I used a really warm nude liner as well all over my lips first.
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