10 Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Trip to Japan
Book Your Flight Online or With a Travel Agent - Booking online is pretty straight forward, but if you prefer a travel agency our favorite is IACE.
Book Your Accommodations - There are plenty of hotel options, but if you want a unique stay try a ryokan or capsule hotel.
Rent a Pocket WiFi - You can easily rent one at the airport when you touch down or rent one ahead of time at jrpass.com.
Reserve a Japan Rail Pass - If you plan on traveling all over Japan, you'll save tons of money with a Japan Rail Pass.
Read Blogs for Tips & Inspiration - There is always something new and exciting happening in Japan.
Plan Out Your Trips with Hyperdia & Google Maps - Plan out your itineraries with Hyperdia and navigate the streets with Google Maps.
Take Cash With You - Japan isn't as credit card friendly as other countries, so it's good to have some cash on-hand.
Take an Extra Bag - You will need an extra bag for all those Japanese goodies you did not expect to find and want.
Learn Basic Japanese - It's a good idea to learn some basic Japanese phrases.
Prepare For Your Long Flight - Pack smart & practical things like healthy snacks, a neck pillow, and a face mask.
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