8 Simple Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable
The environmental impact of fashion waste is overwhelming. So here are some tips that can get you started
Decluttering - The best sustainable fashion tip is to wear the clothes that are currently in your wardrobe over and over again
Upcycle - Button come off? Sew it back on. Rip in your jeans? Patch it up. There are YouTube videos for just about everything nowaday
as you’re purchasing a secondhand garment instead of a new item, significant environmental savings will also be made, as no extra production
Longevity - buy high quality clothes instead of leaning towards fast fashion brands that can be worn 1-2 times
Buying locally means that the manufacture and supply chain is drastically cut down. They will also be able to tell you where the materials are sourced
Stop buying clothes for a specific occasion; instead buy pieces that you’ll wear again and again
Borrow, lend and swap clothes with friends. Why not hold a clothes party where everyone brings a few items to swap with each other?
Buy from brands who openly share the details of their supply chain. Question who made your clothes: how fairly were they paid, their working condition
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