Sit Spin Variations
Sit spins are super fun but there are also a lot of fun variations we can make out of them. Let’s look at a few!
First is my personal favorite the bullet. To do this position, start with a sit spin and grab your leg while looking down.
Broken leg. This position your free leg will be to the side and bent. From there the arm position is up to you.
Pancake. To achieve this position bring your free foot inward and rest it one top of your skating knee, then lean into your leg.
Tuck under. This one is similar to the last but will be under your skating leg rather than on top.
Back sit. This position is the same as a sit spin but on the opposite leg.
Sit with a twist. This variation can be done on either foot.
Lastly, we have this difficult one that I definitely have not mastered yet... the cross under sit spin.
Some of them are quite challenging, but with time you will have some awesome new spin positions to feature in your programs!
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