Skate Mechanics: Putting All The Parts Back On
These are all the parts: 16 washers, 8 axle nuts, 8 spacers, 16 bearings and 8 wheels
This is the correct order per wheel: washer, bearing, spacer, bearing, washer, axle nut. (Note: not all skates have washers)
Put the outside bearing back in the wheel by just pushing it in
If you have washers, put one washer on the axle. Washers are meant to protect the bearings. Not all skates have washers.
Put one bearing on top of the washer.
And put the spacer on top of the bearing. Spacers synchronize the spinning of your bearings
Place your wheel on your axle and push until you hear a click from the bearing getting back in the wheel.
Optional: put a washer on top of the wheel
You can also put your bearings back in first. Don't forget to put the spacer in between the bearings!
Use your skate tool to screw you axle nut back on.
Experiment with how tight you screw the wheels back on. They should spin smoothly, but they're not supposed to move on the axle
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