Skate Mechanics: Removing Your Wheels And Bearings
In this video I'll show you how to remove your wheels and bearings, and all the parts you can encounter
The only thing you need for this is a skate tool
Use your tool to screw out your axle nuts
Under the axle nut you can find a washer/speed ring. Not all skates have them. Their function is to protect your bearings. But they're not necessary.
There can be a second washer on the other side of the wheel too.
If you don't have a bearing tool, you can use the axle of your wheel to get your bearings out. Put your wheel on the axle, and scoop out the bearing
In between the bearings, there can be a spacer. Not all skates have spacers. Spacers help the synchronization of the rotation of the bearings.
You can remove the second bearing by simply pushing it out from the inside
So that's all the parts: 8 wheels, 16 bearings, 8 spacers and 16 washers
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