Skincare 101, easiest skincare routine. (AM AND PM)
Use a makeup melt away balm to lift makeup from your skin. Makeup wipes aren't good for your skin and can scratch/tear it.
Wash face with a gentle cleanser. You want to massage into skin for 2 minutes before rinsing. (for sake of the video I didn't show it all)
Use a toner, to help with redness, oily spots and overall skin tone
Hyalronic Acid will help your skin retain moisture
Make sure to really let all the products soak in between steps.
Niacinamide helps with evenness of your skin tone, and minimize the look of large pores
Don't forget a moosturizer. I use one with vitamin c but this can be harsh on some skin types.
Then you are ready for bed or to put makeup on. I use this routine morning and night. Follow me for more beauty tutorials.
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