4 Skipping Leg Exercises For You!💪🏻
Hi I’m Mia! In this Jumprope I am going to list 4 skipping leg exercises which you can use in your workouts💪🏻😎
1. Run skip ❄️ - this is a great exercise to get the heart rate up & work your legs!
Run skip slow mo: here you can see I am upright, looking ahead, and jogging on the spot✌🏻
2. Side to side bounce😁 - this is a good exercise to work your calfs, lower legs & core!
Side view of side to side bounce: try to stay light on your feet,engage core, & keep arms in by your side👍🏻
3. Double Unders: a great exercise & one of my favourites! Good for working your legs / core & arms😃💪🏻
Double under side view: try to stay looking ahead, upright in a line, arms in, landing on toes rather than heels. Keep neck inline with body👍🏻
4. Basic bounce⚡️- a nice exercise for your calfs and to get your heart rate up!
Side view of the basic bounce; try to stay light on your toes, looking ahead , and keeping your arms tucked in💪🏻
You can repeat these exercises until fatigued / or adjust to suit you🙌🏻😁
Equipment: workout mat, skipping rope, comfy trainers ✌🏻🤩 Have a great workout!
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Skipping Rope
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