Smokey Grunge Eye Tutorial
Take a black shadow and map out your eyeliner. This does not need to be perfect. Just get your shape.
I always use my bronzer as a transition shade. Put this all over your lid. This helps connect your eyes to your face makeup.
Use a cooler tone shade (I used a contour shade) to then define my crease.
With a light brightening shade, buff out edges and place on your lid space. Trying to almost "carve" it.
Take a black liner and now go over your liner shape.
Take a cool toned brown and rub that along your line "smoking it out"
Pat a bronze/gold shimmer on your eye. This can be messy dont really worry about "proper" placement.
Go back in with your black shadow over the line, just to give it more depth.
Take a warmer red ish brown and just add that to the crease for some warmth.
Smoke out your lower lash by rubbing that cool brown along it. Make sure to connect it to your wing.
With your black shadow place it in your water line and rub it along that lower lash line. Also give yourself that flick on your inner corner with it.
MASCARA! (+ false lashes if you want)
There you have it! Follow me for more beauty tutorials!
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