Snowflake Quilling
For this design I used: 4x4 mini canvas board, grey and gold acrylic paint, Mod Podge, (2) toothpicks, (19) strips of quilling paper - white and gray.
Paint your canvas tile, set to dry.
I added gold paint, wiped most of it off for an antique look. Let dry.
I used 19 strips of paper. You can make your own by cutting strips of copy paper or card stock.
A quill is one rolled up piece of paper. Begin rolling your quills with a toothpick.
You can make them tight or loose and press into different shapes. Use glue to seal the quill. Slightly press for leaf shape.
Make six of these shapes for the interior of the snowflake.
The second layer is a heart shape. Fold paper in half then roll each side in towards each other. It makes two swirls and looks like a heart.
Make six of these heart shapes.
The third row is six more of the original leaf shape.
Make one right center round quill and begin gluing down with Mod Podge.
Use the toothpick to glue down and help shape the snowflake.
Brush entire canvas with Mod Podge make sure each quill is secure with glue. Let dry.
Gold and Glam!
Or shimmery blue!
So many options! Stay Warm & Toasty!
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