Soft Glam With A Bold Waterline Look
First things first, I like to prep my eyebrows with the soap method, I spray a little water onto the soap and swish it around till it’s sudsy
I then like to brush it through my brows. If it’s too much then I like to pay off the excess with a cotton pad.
I then use a bright concealer to underline my brows and make it more defined.
To blend it into my skin, I apply my foundation to the front of my brows.
For this simple makeup look, I apply a warm brown eyeshadow to my crease to prepare the transition for the rest of my makeup.
I then sent in with a light pink shimmer to my eye, using a larger fluffy brush allows me to get a lighter distribution of product.
To make it a little more matte I apply a taupe matte shadow on top to block out the shimmer I initially applied.
On top of that colour I then went in with an off white shadow to brighten the overall look.
To add more depth I then went in with a dark brown eyeshadow, this creates the most amount of depth without it looking too dramatic.
To make the look pop a little more I apply a bold pink eyeshadow to my lash line
I then went in with a little black eyeliner pencil.
Now to finish off the eye look, I went in with a light brown eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse spots I may have.
And here is the final look, how did I do?
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