Sourdough Bread: How To Coil Fold
See how coil folds build sourdough structure. Using my final dough mix that has rested for 30min.
This is our 1st set of coils. The 1st is always the stretchiest. Release the bottom. Wet hands help.
Reach under. Pull up slowly until dough releases. Fold dough over the top of itself & tuck. Repeat.
Turn bowl to do each side. These ones form more easily. Cover & rest 30 min.
Coil set #2. The dough is already building shape. Feeling stretchy & seeing small bubbles. Cover 30m
Set #3. Dough feels stronger, less slack, feels silky, bouncy. Look at the structure on the side.
Set #4. Beautiful fermentation. See the seam from last time? That’s a sign of structure.
Look how cohesive & elastic. See the edges? We’re very close to being done with what this loaf needs
Coil set #5. Signs it’s done: holding shape, resistant to stretch. Finish bulk ferment undisturbed.
90min later. Signs bulk ferment is done: light, jiggly, domed surface, 50% rise, beautiful bubbles.
For details on this loaf & more demos visit me at A Food Lover’s Life. Happy Baking!
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