Sourdough Bread: My Favorite “The Wrap”
See how Wrapping dough build sourdough structure. Using prepared Final Dough Mix rested for 30 min.
Release the dough. A wet hand helps prevent sticking. The 1st one is always super stretchy.
Pull it out of the bowl and wrap it around your wet hand. Let it drape down & wrap it again. Done!
After 30 min rest we do Wrap 2. It’s gained strength & structure already. Stretch & wrap but not rip
Wrap 3: holding beautiful shape. Feels elastic, strong, bouncy. It’s almost done. Let’s do 1 more.
30 min later. Wrap 4: Yep. This is the last one. See how it’s held a shape? Creases, taught, bubbles
90 min later signs the bulk ferment is done: domed surface, air bubbles, jiggly, 50% rise. Yay!
For other techniques on how to build sourdough structure visit me! Happy baking!
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