Sourdough: How To Score Ear & Wheat Pattern
Have everything ready before you start: parchment cut to size, brush, rice flour, razor blade.
Secure parchment with your hands & flip in one motion. Brush off excess rice flour. Sprinkle fresh.
For classic ear: hold blade 45d angle. Slice 1/2” deep pole to pole to the right of center.
For wheat: hold blade straight down, cut 1” lines 1/2” deep, do other side slightly offset.
The score will start to open up. Time is short. Get it into your kettle quickly. Bake.
Steam inside the dough rises up and escapes through the score, and not blown out the sides.
Ridge lines from the banneton. Wheat score offset by the rice flour. Oven spring popped up the ear!
The ‘ear’ is that ridge from the score. The crunchy strands inside the groove called ‘bloom’.
Use a sharp razor. I swap mine out after 5 uses. This is a lot easier than it looks! Give it a try.
Scoring is pretty fun. I hope you jump in & bake some bread! If you’re new, I’ll help you!
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