Sourdough: How To Shape A Round Boule
Prep the banneton with white rice flour. Very warm temps today & will definitely affect our dough.
I mean, the bowl has steam in it. Checking for proofing. We are an hour ahead of schedule.
Fold the dough & flip. Guide into a round shape. Drag on the counter to create surface tension.
Those bubbles mean successful fermentation. Be careful to not squish it. Handle very lightly.
Pinning or stitching creating a tight but airy round shape. Light fingers to not de-gas the dough.
Now it’s holding. Very taught & firm but bouncy & light. We’ll get great oven spring & an airy crumb
Into the banneton. Ok to stitch again if needed. Keep it round. Avoid messing with it too much.
Normally would bench rest for a bit but not this guy. Straight to the frig to slow him down.
Overnight in the refrigerator for a “cold retard” which slows fermentation. Then bake tomorrow
To learn how to shape a Batard (oblong shape) I’ll see you over at my website! Thx for watching!
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