Sourdough Technique: How To Shape a Batard
Pre-shape is done & now ready to “shape” which creates the final shape, surface tension, & structure
It’s quite warm today. This dough is really alive. Look at that fermentation and bounce.
For active loaves like this, important to work with it - not against it. Be patient.
Now it’s behaving. I had to ask it nicely. We are building tension to create oven spring.
So bouncy. This is how wild yeast & fermentation behaves in warm temperatures.
Into the banneton. Be confident at this point. With proper tension it will bake up beautifully.
Go ahead & stitch a little tighter if you need to. This one has personality.
Check a finger proof. Listen to the dough. Jiggly, fluffy, finger indent comes back 1/2 way. Done.
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