Sourdough Technique: Rubaud Mixing Method
Hi! Rubaud mixing method is a way to thoroughly combine your “final dough mix”.
Autolyse = flour & water only. Leaven = sourdough starter, flour, water that’s risen & ready to bake
Pull the autolyse up over the leaven to cover it up. It’s easier that way.
Pull a section of dough back, then flip it forward and release. It’s gloopy & awkward at first.
This is real time. Speed up your motion. You’ll start to feel it change.
I’m 4 min in and can’t feel any streaks of slippery leaven. Now to add salt. And go again 4-5 min.
3 min after adding salt. Dough is becoming stretchy & elastic. Still a bit grainy from the salt.
8 min total. Silky now, a bit shiny, soft. Confident this final dough mix is ready for bulk ferment.
Done. About 9 min total. Bulk ferment starts now. Tidy up. Cover & rest 30 min. Then on to coils.
That’s Rubaud! To learn how to make Sourdough & more technique videos join me over on my website!
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