Spicing Up A Plain Black Tee
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Showing you different outfits for various occasions with a plain black tee!
My go-to outfit when running errands! I love a practical and casual look when I’m going to be busy
I wear my comfiest sneakers and dress up the outfit with my favourite watch and cute earrings
This is an outfit I loved to wear on casual Fridays at my office job (when I wasn’t WFH!)
Styled the tee w/ stretchy houndstooth trousers, my everyday black bag & hoops for a bold touch
You can even dress up a plain tee with a pencil skirt, accessories and heels for a professional look
I threw over a long cardigan (similar length as my skirt) and matched the outfit with a blue bag
For a date night look, I paired the tee with a form fitting knit skirt, gold jewellery & a small bag
Styled the outfit with comfy little black sandals and threw on a leather jacket in case I get cold
I styled the tee w/ a brown skirt and heels and a black purse for a neutral but cute look for brunch