7 Spring Trends To Try
Bold, patterned pants are in style this spring. Try them out with basic tops or mix and match different patterns!
Puffy sleeves are perfect for that cottagacore aesthetic. Wear the trend as a cute top or a flowy dress.
Minimalistic ribbed knitwear is a great spring trend for when you want a casual outfit that is still sleek.
Black and white monochromatic outfits are perfect for a bold look that is still understated and neutral.
Bralettes are back in style for the warmer weather and can be worn in so many different ways- even layered over tops!
Sequins are a fun way to dress up your outfit. Go all out in a fully sequined dress or try matching your look to a cute skirt.
Cutouts are a fun trend for spring that can create a subtle way to spice up uour outfits.
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