Stability Ball Workout • 4 Rounds • 40sec On/15sec Off
Complete 4 rounds • Each exercise is 40 seconds + rest 15 seconds after each exercise • Rest 1 minute in between rounds
SPLIT SQUAT (RIGHT) • Keep right foot planted on the ground + target your left knee down to the ground
SPLIT SQUAT (LEFT) • Keep left foot planted on the ground + target your right knee down to the ground
KNEE TUCKS • Keep wrists under shoulders + exhale as you bring your knees to stomach
STABILITY BALL PASS • Try to keep lower back on the ground
STIR-THE-POT • Make sure you go in both directions
GLUTE BRIDGE W/ HAMSTRING CURL • Keep core engaged + squeeze your glutes
PLANK HOLD • Keep wrists under your shoulders + hold a neutral spine
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