Stained Glass Snowman - Winter Kid Craft Idea
Supplies: free printable, scissors, clear contact paper and cardstock paper
First trim out the snowman shape, as well as the insides out, from the printable.
Next cut off two large pieces of clear contact paper.
Now grab your tissue paper and cut out a handful of squares.
Go ahead and also cut out a nose, eyes and buttons from black & orange cardstock paper.
Now we are ready to assemble. Take one sheet of contact paper. Peel off the backing, lay it out flat and lay the cutout in the center.
First lay down the paper nose, eyes and button cutouts. Trim down the paper pieces if you need to, to make them fit.
Next decorate the inside of the snowman with the tissue paper squares, until he is completely covered.
Now grab the second sheet of contact paper and place it on top of the first, to seal everything in.
Finally, trim out your decorated snowman piece from the contact paper.
Now display your piece proudly for all to see!
Grab the free snowman template on our website!
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