Standing Flow! No hands & knees
Get your props! You will need 2 blocks
Find your Tadasana, mountain pose, with the feet hip-distance apart or even wider!
Roll the shoulders backwards, for more sensations you can bring the fingertips on top of the shoulders
Reach the arms up, bring the palms together in prayer position in front of the heart. Repeat this movement 4 times.
Bring the feet a little wider and enjoy a side bend to the right and left
Come to the top of your mat for your forward fold and halfway lift. Use your blocks to bring the earth closer to your hands
Bring the right leg back, pivot the foot 90 degrees and find your Warrior 2
Now bring the front hand to your block for side angle pose, for more sensations extend the arm in extended side angle
Bring the feet parallel to each other, hinge at the hips and enjoy your wide-legged forward fold. You can use your block for support
Come to the top of your mat and repeat the sequence this time on the left side!
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