Standing Stretches & Mobility!
For the next sequence you will only need your blocks!
Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and make circles with your hips, 5 in each direction.
Keep your knees soft and roll the shoulders forward and back, if it feels good you can explore extending the arms. Do 5 circles in each direction.
Find your stable stance and enjoy a side bend. Do it twice on each side and hold for a couple of breaths.
Reach the arms up, interlace the fingers and press up, then behind you and to the front. Hold each variation for 3 breaths.
Hug yourself with the right arm on top separating the shoulder blades, hold for 5 breaths. Then switch to the second side.
Cross the right arm in front of you and hold it for 3 breaths, then switch to the left arm.
Bring the blocks in front of you and fold forward hinging at the hips. Hold for 5 breaths.
Press the hands into the blocks, lengthen the spine and hold your halfway lift for 5 breaths.
Finally, shake your body, let your arms loose and swing the arms.
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