Sublimation Full Wrap Tumbler
For a full wrap you will need your printed image (reversed), scissors, heat tape, shrink wrap and a heat gun.
Trim all the white from your image. You can use scissors, a paper cutter, or a ruler and rotary cutter.
With your tumbler upside down, wrap the image around. Make sure the edges line up, tighten, and tape down the seam.
Tape tightly arouand bottom, fold tape over to the bottom. Push down any folds/creases in the paper to avoid white lines. Repeat with top rim.
Place tumbler in shrink wrap. Use heat gun to tighten and remove all air bubbles.
Set your oven to convection. I set the temp to 360 and check with an internal thermometer. Set the cup top down and bake for 3 minutes.
Flip and bake for 3 more minutes. Don’t forget your heat glove!
Remove the tumbler. The design will be visible through the shrink wrap.
Remove the shrink wrap, heat tape, and finally the paper. Careful not to burn yourself!
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