Suspension Trainer - Improve Lower-body & Core Strength
You will need to face the anchor of your suspension trainer to get started. Perform 12 Reps per exercise, complete a total of 4 rounds.
First movement, hold handles in your hands. Your palms are facing down. Squat as low as you could handle. Then rise from your squat to a hip extension
Hands tight palms facing ⬇️ With your feet hip width apart. Raise one knee up. Then push your arms forward to extend that same leg toward your back.
To begin, Squat down then jump by pushing your feet off the ground. Be ready to land softly into a deep squat and repeat.
Start by standing with both feet within your hip width. Take one step back and perform a reverse lunge. Complete the same amount of reps on both legs.
For the next movements you will need to extend the handles on your suspension trainer.
Be ready you will be facing away from your suspension trainer.
Stand with your suspension handles over your shoulders. As you lunge forward raise your arms overhead. Use your arms to push your body back.
Front squats coming up. Let’s place your suspension handles in a much more comfortable position for the following movement.
Hold on tight and keep your arms tucked into your sides. Begin by rocking your hips back into a quarter squat then straighten out your hips
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