Suspension Trainer - Improve Upper-body & Core Strength
To perform the following movements you will need suspension or resistance trainer. Perform 10 reps per exercise for a total of 4 Rounds.
Facing the suspension anchor, grab hold of the handles. Begin by stepping forward to change your angle πŸ“. Pull yourself forward by bending your elbows
Position is the same as the last movement. This time keep your arms extended in front of you and raise both arms at the same time.
For this movement your palms are facing up ⬆️ with arms extended in front of you. Bend your elbows to perform a bicep curl.
Face away from your suspension trainer. Hold both handles over forehead height. Descend forward by bending your elbows. Then extend your arms.
Before moving on to chest press. Make sure to lengthen your suspension trainer. Each strap should be right over the shoulder as a start.
Spread your arms to the sides. Keep your feet in place. Move your body forward by bending your elbows. Distribute weight evenly on both arms.
Palms are facing each other with handles in your hands. Spread your arms apart to pull your body forward. Then return to your starting position.
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