Tabata Dumbbell Workout • 20s on/10s rest x 8 Rounds
ALT. REVERSE LUNGES W/ BICEP CURLS • Make sure your front knee is stacked over your ankle + you squeeze your glutes when going back to standing
OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS • Stand tall, squeeze your glutes + engage core. When extending weights above head, make sure elbows stay close to ears*
SUMO SQUAT W/ UPRIGHT ROW • Feet are at 45° + wider than shoulder width a part. Lift dumbbells to your chin + elbows to the sides of your ears
L-RAISES • Stand tall, engage core + avoid bringing the dumbbells above shoulders
WEIGHTED TOE TOUCHES • Legs are straight, lower back is flat on the ground + shoulder blades come off the ground
SQUAT + PRESS • Engage your core when dumbbells are above your head + make sure your chest is open (avoid facing the ground when in squat position)
SINGLE LEG V-UP REACH (LEFT) • Press left palm into the ground as you meet dumbbell to opposite foot
SINGLE LEG V-UP REACH (RIGHT) • Press right palm into the ground as you meet dumbbell to opposite foot
Complete 8 sets of each exercise • 1 set = 20 seconds • 10 second rest in between each set • Don't forget to breathe!
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