Take A Tour Of The Houses Of Parliament From Inside!
Usually, we’re used to seeing Houses of Parliament & the iconic Palace of Westminster from outside. Have you ever wondered what it’s like from inside?
Central Lobby is the core of the Palace of Westminster and was designed as a meeting place where MPs can meet their constituents.
Remember The Crown on Netflix? This is also where King George and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, were laid to rest.
St. Stephen’s Hall stands on the site of the Royal Chapel, where statues of famous parliamentarians face one another on either side of the hall.
The paintings on the walls, the stained-glass windows and the intricate ceiling depict various important events in British history.
Various models of the Palace are placed throughout the magnificent building explaining its history. This is an interactive one which plays audio.
The commons chamber is where meetings and events take place throughout the day. It is different from the Lords Chamber where filming is prohibited.
In fact, filming/photography are only allowed in certain areas. Rules are explained after thorough security screening at the Palace’s main entrance.
& just as we step outside of the Palace, these beautiful views welcome us! Tours for Westminster can be arranged via MP invitations or private events.
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