Tatting (basics Of Rings And Chains)
Gather materials: thread, tatting needle, scissors
Pull a length of thread approx 10-15” long. Leave everything attached to the ball.
Thread the needle! Leave the long 10-15” tail. Everything still attached to the ball
Hold the needle in your right hand with the tail on the right and the ball on the left
Make a hitchhiker thumb and wrap the ball yarn clockwise around and scoop it onto the needle. Then wrap counter clockwise and scoop again
This is called a “whole stitch” and it consists of 2 half stitches
Each whole stitch looks like two loops around the needle wearing a single little hat
Remember that you’re making these stitches w the yarn attached to the ball. The tail should still be hanging out untouched
Continue making whole stitches on the needle. Make approx 10 whole stitches
Making stitches
Whole stitches on the needle
Pull the tail almost all the way through the needle creating a big loop and leaving a 2-3” tail
Push the stitches down the needle (towards the eye) and all the way onto the loop of yarn. Pull snug. (Not too tight)
You’ve now created a chain! (Looks like a little caterpillar!)
Now let’s make a ring! Put 10 more stitches onto the needle (always make stitches using the ball yarn- tail yarn is only ever for pulling through)
Hold the needle as close as you can to the chain you just made as you make your stitches
Chain with new stitches on the needle
Push the stitches down the needle and onto the loop of yarn. Go slow! You want to save that last little loop!
Thread your needle through the loop to close your ring and pull snug
Chain and a ring!
Make your next chain! Make more stitches on the needle
Careful when you pull stitches through not to get tangled. Go slow and pull gently
Experiment with different numbers of stitches to create longer or shorter chains and larger and smaller rings
Alternate chain, ring, chain, ring until you’ve made as many as you want, or your tail yarn starts to get too short
Optional: close the snowflake by inserting the needle into the butt of your first chain
Pull closed
Cut and tie
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