Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers Idea #1
Dice up 1 small onion
I used my manual food processor for this job
Saute onions in 1 tablespoon oil for 5 min or brown (medium heat)
Once onions cook down and start to brown they should look like this
It's time for the mushroom, I used 10oz of fresh sliced
Let the mushrooms and onions to cook down for 5 min
Once cooked remove mushrooms and onions from pan but keep the heat on
Gravy time I didnt have any leftover so on the left is what you'll need to make more or use premade
Add 4 -5 tablespoon of butter to hot pan (medium heat)
Add 3 tablespoons of flour to pan of melted butter
Cook for 2 minutes until golden, mix constantly
Add in 1 can of chicken broth
Make sure you wisk out any lumps and bring to a Simmer
Season to liking
Add cooked mushrooms and onions back into the pan
Add in chopped turkey , I used 3 cups
Optional - I added 2 tablespoon of parsley
Enjoy - I spooned the mixture over some mashed potatoes
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