The Alza An Easy Chunky Crochet Scarf
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1 Ball
Lion Brand’s Scarfie Yarn
Furls Streamline 7mm Hook
You’ll need 312 yds of #5 bulky weight yarn and a 7mm hook. Start with a slip knot.
Start with a chain (ch) of 23.
Now double crochet (dc) into the 4th chain from our hook. These skipped chains will count as our first dc.
Now we’ll double crochet into each of the next 3 chains. (You’ll have 5 dc in a row).
Now ch 1 and skip the next ch, dc in the chain after that and each of the next 3. (You’ll have 4 dc in a row).
Now we’ll repeat that: skip the next ch, ch 1, dc in next 4 chs. Keep repeating til 1 ch left.
When you have only 1 ch left, dc in the last ch.
Turn your work, ch 1 and in that very first st single crochet (sc). Now we’ll ch 4, skip the next 4 dc, and sc in the next ch 1 space.
We’ll repeat that across (ch 4, skip 4, sc in ch 1 sp) until we have 5 sts left.
For the last 5 sts, we’ll ch 4, sk 4 dc and sc in the last dc-which is the top ch of the skipped chains from our first row.
Turn + start with a ch 3 (or alt), this st counts as a dc, place 4 dc in our ch 4 space, then ch 1, skip the sc. Rep-4 dc in ch 4 sp, ch 1, skip sc.
When you have 5 sts left, we’ll place 4 dc in the ch 4 space and dc in the last sc.
Rep Row 2. Ch 1, sc in same st, *{ch 4, sk 4 dc, sc in ch 1 sp} rep from * until 5 sts left, ch 4, sk next 4 dc, sc in last dc, turn.
Rep Row 3. Ch 3 (or alt) *{4 dc in ch 4 sp, ch 1, sk next sc} rep from * until last 5 sts, 4 dc in ch 4 sp, dc in last sc, turn.
Keep repeating Rows 2-3 for the length of the scarf!
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